Contract to Myself

I commit to making 2018, the year that will transform my life. This is my contract to my higher self, the person I am meant to become.

I will work my business with passion, intensity and urgency.

Allowing for two weeks vacation, I will work 50 weeks – committed, productive activities to grow my business at least ten hours a week.


I will live a lifestyle of true health.

I honor the FuXion commitment of true health: physical health, emotional health and financial health.  I will fuel my body with FuXion, eat healthy and exercise.  I will have a clear mind, clean blood, and a loving heart.  Each month I will move towards erasing debt and becoming debt free.


I will lead my team to victory.

A victory is not my rank or goal.  Victory is helping the prosperity warriors on my team, to reach their true potential.  My victory comes from helping them achieve theirs.  I will not watch the movement. I will be the movement.


I will not give up.

I will face my fears and summon courage. When others doubt me, I will remember why I began this journey.  When people reject me, ridicule me, or attack me, I will use that as fuel for strength.  I will stand strong for my dreams.  On this, I will never compromise!


This is my contract with myself.

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