Action Plan

Important Information

Your FuXion ID # __________

Your sponsor’s phone number _______________

Your sponsor’s email _______________________

Your Cycle week is __ODD __EVEN

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Ten Steps to Success with FuXion!



  1. Identify Your Why
  2. Set a Health Goal
  3. Get Connected
  4. Set Up Your Online Business


  1. Build Your List
  2. Set Your “Grand Opening” Dates
  3. Contacting your List
  4. Follow Up
  5. Check Progress with Your Sponsor
  6. Duplicate This Action Plan

Welcome to FuXion! You’re joining a movement that is sweeping the world as we help people take their lives back. We’re helping customers achieve optimal health, and assisting FuXion Entrepreneurs to create supplemental income or even achieve financial independence.

This page is your guide to getting started fast and achieving the best duplication for your team. You will learn how to build a large customer base, reach your first rank advancements quickly, and build the foundation to have a stable long-term business.

The 4 Set Up Steps…

By now you should have registered your position and placed your activation order. If not, do that now. Make sure to select a good cross section from all the product categories. You want enough for you and your family and some working inventory: to sell to customers, to offer as samples, and to lend to new team members while they are waiting for their first order to arrive.

If autoship is available in your country, you’ll want to set that up with your activation order. You can have one standing order, and provided you have enough points, can split the volume to cover both cycles in a month, and even qualify for free shipping. Look on FuXion.net or check with your sponsor for details.

You must be eager to launch your business, begin helping people, and building your dreams. But first there are some set-up details to get out of the way first, so you can launch your business in the most effective and successful way. Here are the four steps to prepare for success:

Step 1) Identify Your Why

This is the reason that caused you to join. It’s the goal you really want to accomplish and you want it so bad, you’ll never give up on it. Write it below to remind yourself why you started this journey, for when you face challenges in the future.

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Step 2) Set a Health Goal

Depending on the result you desire, FuXion has five categories of products to help you. You’re going to be drinking the healthiest beverages in the world and will start to see transformation in your health and wellness. So write down your first health/fitness transformation goals along with your target dates to achieve them:

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Step 3) Get Connected!

First, get on the X Tribe Update List. You need to be on the team update email list, so you know about events, promotions and other information. If you haven’t already done it, go to http://fuxionxtribe.com/ and enter your name and email in the box on the home page.

Mark the weekly Leadership Webcast into your planner. Everyone who wants to become a leader needs to watch this training, streamed live every week. There is an English presentation and a Spanish one. You can link to it from the home page on the team site.

Next, join the team Facebook group. The English one is FuXion xTribe and Spanish one is La Tribu X. Ask for membership in whichever one you want. Or both. Also follow the FuXion official account.

Find our where the closest Leadership Academy is being held and add that to your schedule. Attending a weekly Leadership Academy is required for anyone who is serious about building a business. This is where you develop the skills that will make you successful. It’s also a chance to recharge your batteries and keep your motivation high. (You can also buy tickets for prospects to attend with you, as a “second look,” so they can see what the business entails.) Find the list here:


Purchase your tickets for the next Major Event. Unlike Leadership Academies and “Success Night,” these are not local events. They are major events, held three or four times a year around the country. (And the world.) They are usually multiple-day programs with extensive training.

Ask any successful FuXion entrepreneur, and they will likely tell you they were transformed at some point by what they learned and experienced at a major event. These are “must attend” event for Diamonds – and people who want to become one! You will leave the event with better-developed skills, greater confidence, and stronger belief. You’ll be excited, motivated, and eager to implement what you learned, building your business.

Step 4) Set Up Your Online Presence

FuXion is a state-of-the-art company and a huge part of your success can come from the social media, online marketing, and mobile app tools we’ve developed to grow your customer base and team.

Your annual FuXion registration includes a powerful back office to manage your business. You can view your order history, customer orders, and track your rank and volume real time. It also includes a landing page where you can send customers who want to purchase products and prospects can enroll on your team. So take a few minutes and customize it with your photo and contact information.

1. Go to http://www.iamfuXion.net and click on MY ACCOUNT then Sign In.

2. Choose your username and password and click “Sign In”


3. Click [YOUR NAME] and click Change settings.


4. Click the Edit next to the Avatar, upload a picture from your computer (recommended), point to a URL, use your Gravatar photo, use your Facebook profile picture, or change to a pre-made avatar.


5. Click Account Settings in the navigation pane on the left (your avatar will automatically be saved).

6. Go to the bottom of the window and click Edit next to Enrollment is Public and check the box next to Make enrollment public. This allows people to enroll directly from your website.


7. Verify Placement Preference is set to Balanced Build. The system will alternate placing them left and right.

8. Click Save Changes.



For future reference, jot down your FuXion log in information below.

FuXion Username:   _________________________

FuXion Password:    _________________________

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Purchase the optional FuXion Central online marketing system at http://xtribecentral.com/ This powerful system allows you to run your business from anywhere with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. It permits you to track all your prospects, online and offline, in one file. The system also includes alerts when your prospects view videos, follow-up alerts, and ways to schedule 3-way calls with your sponsorship line. You can even enroll new customers and team members anywhere, right from your smartphone.

First go to: http://xtribecentral.com/ and choose the IOS or Android version of the mobile app. After you have the app installed on your phone, go back to http://xtribecentral.com/ and click “login” to set up your funnel pages with your name and contact information. Now you’re ready to promote your business, both online and off!

The 6 Action Steps…

Launching Your Business

Now you’re ready to begin building your business! Even if you don’t have your first order yet, you get started by taking the steps five through ten.

 Step 5) Build Your List

Your list of contacts is your most important asset. Here are some guidelines to build an initial list:

  • Building your list:
    • Start with the people you love the most.
    • Add at least 10 of the most successful, most well connected people you know. This is your A-List – the one you want to get to first!
    • Next, go to your phone, social media accounts, and email and begin writing down those friends.
    • Writing the names is very important, because it will bring other names of people to your mind.
    • Do not pre-judge. Just write names.

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Step 6) Set Your “Grand Opening” Event Dates

To get the best results, conduct a “major blast” to kick start your new business. This means scheduling at least three events over the next ten days: A product Open House to get your first customers, and then two events where you can showcase the business opportunity and recruit your team leaders.

Launching your business with a major blast will ensure you have enough prospects looking at FuXion to develop a stable base of satisfied, preferred customers and discover who else is interested in building a business like you! By having two or three events to choose from, most everyone can find one they can attend.

For the product open house, we suggest inviting the ten people who love you the most. Every one of them is already drinking coffee, tea, sodas, juice, athletic drinks or energy drinks every day. You want them to know they can now get healthier versions from you, usually for less money.

We encourage you to join the “360 Degree Leader Club.”  That means you commit to producing a volume between yourself and your customers (not team members) of at least 360 points per month.  This ensures you build a secure customer base and stable volume for your business.  It also earns you a coveted 360 Leader pin and other perks like preferred seating at many events. 

The next two events are where you’re looking for your team leaders. You’re looking for the most ambitious, most successful, busiest people you know. They’re the ones you want to have at the top of your structure, and the partners you’re going to be working with.

Check with your sponsor when they are available to assist you for the first event or two, by being there, calling in, or connecting with Skype or another streaming service.

Set the dates with them now and then move on to step 3.


Product Open House (Date/Time) ______________________

Business Presentation 1 (Date/Time) ____________________

Business Presentation 2 (Date/Time) ____________________

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Step 7) Start Contacting!

Now is the fun and exciting part where you start contacting your candidates to build your customer base and discover who may be interested in creating residual income with FuXion. You want to start inviting people to your product open house and the business overview presentations.

You need a minimum of 10 to 20 Confirmed Guests. You may want to role-play and review the scripts with your sponsor before calling contacts.

Watch these two training videos on how to integrate your home presentations, 1-on1s, and texts and emails for long distance candidates.




Here’s some helpful tips on holding your events…

Product Open House

  • Gather your guests around the TV or Laptop.
  • Tell them your 3-minute “Why FuXion” story
  • Play the “FuXion Product Overview” video.
  • Share Vita Energia XtraT and ON mixed, and assorted Teas & Coffees.
  • Give everyone a product brochure or catalog and samples.
  • Sign Up Your New Costumers 🙂 (And be aware that some of them will probably want to join the business. For them, simply invite them to one of the follow up business presentation meetings.)

Business Presentations

  • Gather your guests around the TV or Laptop.
  • Tell them your 3-minute “Why FuXion” story
  • Play the “The Movement From the Amazon” video.
  • Share Vita Energia XtraT and ON mixed, and assorted teas & coffees.
  • Give everyone a product brochure or catalog, and samples.
  • Look for the people with fire in their eyes and ask if they get it. If so, get their application filled out, or have them enroll directly on your smart phone or laptop. Get out your planner and help them schedule their “Get Started” training and major blast.

You want to get “EF qualified” within two to three days. That simply means you have at least one active EF on both your left and right sides. Don’t stop enrolling until you have three to five people building on each side of your structure. As discussed in the video, your first goal is to see how quickly you can build a team that is showing The Movement from the Amazon video to at least 100 prospects a week.

For those not ready yet, set the follow up time to connect. Never leave a presentation without scheduling the next presentation, unless they are ready to join or say no.

Having a solid base of retail and preferred customers and getting some builders on each side is the perfect way to launch your business. Set a goal for going Bronze as quickly as you can.

Step 8) Follow Up

In between your first meetings, you want to be following up with everyone you have approached so far, both in the events and long distance ones you have sent links for the videos to. Make sure to check back with candidates within 24 hours from the time they have seen a presentation. Keep showing them the next step in the progression until they become a customer, join the business, or tell you they are no longer interested.

Step 9) Check Progress with Sponsor

Connect with your sponsor and review your progress so far. They will help you refine your invitations, and streamline your follow up process to get better results as you develop. They’ll also help your formulate your next steps and game plan for how to get there.

Step 10) Duplicate this Process

For those people who have joined your team, help them repeat this same process you have just gone through. This is the foundation for your duplication and helps you create a strong, stable business.


The key components are getting your new people past the breakeven point as quickly as possible. You want them to have a strong enough customer base and team so their beginning FuXion income is greater than the cost of their own product use, events and self-development. When they reach this “tipping point,” it’s highly likely they will become permanent members of your team.


Keep it simple and keep it duplicable. Follow this process yourself, then have all your new team members do the same thing!