If You Want to:

  • Grow Your Business Faster;
  • Increase Your Volume;
  • Meet the New CEO; and,
  • Learn How to Go Diamond!

You Need to Be At:

Xplode ’17!


It’s coming up fast. And you and your entire team need to be there: Xplode ‘17

This is the most important event of the year for the U.S. team. This is where your income, your growth, and your results for 2018 and even 2019 are going to be determined.

Because how many people you have in that conference room, building their beliefs, learning new skills, gaining more confidence – will determine how rapidly you and they will build in the years ahead.

This powerful event will attract all serious FuXion entrepreneurs who want to develop stronger skills, gain more knowledge, and increase their duplication. This is an event you simply have to be at.

You will discover the science behind the FuXion products and how to promote them better in intense educational workshops.  Learn first hand from FuXion Diamonds the best ways to meet people, sort prospects, and enroll more builders.  Find out more about the FuXion Foundation and how you can become involved to help those less fortunate than yourself.

Xplode ’17 will show you how to close out the year strong, make it your best year ever, and build serious momentum going into 2018.

Join us and learn how to:

  • Build a vibrant customer base;
  • Make more compelling invitations;
  • Increase recruiting on your team;
  • Boost your team volume;
  • Develop your leadership skills;
  • Learn how to duplicate better,
  • Gain more confidence; and,
  • Xplode your business!

Register now for the most powerful and career-transforming event yet to take place in FuXion.   Xplode ‘17 U.S. is the “must attend” event for Diamonds – and people who want to become one!  There is one goal and one goal only for this weekend – to provide you a roadmap on how to go Diamond!

You’ll experience session after session of business-building gold.  You will learn how to prospect, invite, and present the FuXion products and opportunity better.  You’ll see why the FuXion product line is creating a worldwide movement.  And by the time you leave, you will have greater confidence, and stronger belief.

Register NOW and lock in your seat by clicking on the “REGISTER NOW” button.  And do whatever is necessary to ensure that you, and all of your key team members are there!

If you live in the U.S. – this is the most important event in your FuXion career thus far.  This is EXACTLY the training you need – to become a Diamond.

Reserve your spot today, and get all your team members registered as well!  Here is the sign up form again:  Lock in your space here by clicking on the “REGISTER NOW” button.

We want to see you in Orlando at Xplode ‘17 U.S.!

To your success,
– X Tribe Leadership

Xplode ’17
Event Schedule – At a Glance

Friday, October 27
 9 am Registration opens
 10 am – 12:00 Noon Platinum & Diamond Leadership Session
 2 – 4  pm Bronze & Gold Leadership Training
 7 – 8:15 pm FuXion Opportunity Presentation
(Free for guests)
 8:15 – 8:45 pm BREAK
 8:45 – 10:00 pm Night Owl Training
Saturday, October 28
 9 am – 5 pm General Session (All Ranks)

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